Stop stoning of the 13 year old child in IRAN

Join the campaign to save Jila 13 from prison and stoning

Nahid Riazi?s announcement regarding campaigning to save Jila Izadi.

The Islamic regime of Iran is going to stone a 13 year old girl in Marivan, Iran to death.

Jila has been condemned to stoning to death. She is pregnant due to a sexual relationship with her 15 year old brother. The Islamic regime of Iran wants to stone this girl. I ask all people in Iran and all NGO organizations which are active for children?s rights or other human rights in Iran and outside Iran to put pressure on the Iranian regime for immediate release of this child.

Jila is a child, a 13 year old child. She must not stay in prison one minute more. We are human beings, and we cannot witness the imprisonment of a child. Execution or stoning to death should be unimaginable.