The 2nd conference of  “Children First”


In defence of children’s security and well-fare

“Children First” is the voice of street children, the voice of struggle to end child poverty, the voice of protecting children from abuse by religion!

This conference highlights the voice of war-stricken children in Iraq! It is a gathering of activists who are fighting to defend children’s rights and bring happiness, security and a better life for all children of the world.

Come to our conference and join us in the effort to defend children’s rights!

Programme of the conference:

Speech, photo exhibition, film, slide, play, music and solidarity evening with the children in Iraq. The conference is held in 5 languages; English, Swedish, Farsi, Kurdish and Arabic.


Soraya Shahabi; one of the founding members of CF and chairperson of the central office of CF. Speech: Security and well fare of children and our conference. 

Sara Sepid-dam; a child activist working for street children’s rights. Speech: A review of the activities in defence of children’s rights. 

Soleyman Ghasemian; writer and chairperson of CF office in Sweden, editor of the Swedish bulletin of CF. Speech: Children in religious schools. 

Eva Arvidsson; MP Social Democratic Party of Sweden. Speech: religious schools and security of children. 

Inger Stark; member of the Stockholm city Council, representing the Left Party. Speech: Honour killings and violence against children. 

Ulf Schyld; from Organisation of Humanists. Speech: Children’s right in education and a none-religious world. 
A representative from Amnesty International-Sweden. 

Gun Zacharias; writer and sociologist. Speech: Children, addiction and drugs. 

Vidar Vetterfalk; Save the Children. Speech: Well fare and security of children. 

Arman farakish; Chairperson of Iranian Civil Rights Committee. Speech: Violation of children’s rights in Iran. 

Halale Taheri; CF activist in Sweden, Co-ordinator of the Committee in defence of Women’s rights in Kurdistan. Speech: Banning the veil for children. 
Zhila Samandarpoor; activist of children’s rights from Iran. Speech: Children and Street children in Iran. 

Asad NodinianA; activist of children’s rights, co-ordinator of the project “equality and prevention of violence against women and children”. Speech: Snow man Festival in Sanandaj (Iran), a new movement, a new initiative. 

Azam kamguan; writer and activist of CF in the campaign against religious schools. Speech: Religious schools are a threat to children’s development.  

Siavash Modaresi; writer, Chairperson of CF Office in Iran, editor of the Persian edition of CF Bulletin. Speech: Iran is dungeon for children, systematic violence against children.  

Karim Shah-Mohamadi; Chairperson of CF Stockholm, Sweden. Speech: Children, addiction and distribution of drugs. 

Akbar sepid-dam; author of children’s books, activist of children’s rights in Iran. Speech: Street children.  

Kavoush Mehran; a member of the central office of CF, and activist of CF in Sweden. Speech: How to end child poverty, Our solution.  

Kimia Pazooki; children’s rights activist. Speech: Integration and children’s rights in communities inhabited by the minorities. 

Fars Mahmood; Children’s rights activist in Iraq. Speech: the situation of children in Iraq.  

Shirzad Fateh; Centre in Defence of Children’s Rights in Iraq, co-ordinator abroad. Speech: Street children in Iraq. 

Hami; presenting his art, paintings reflecting children’s situation.  

Gisou Shakeri; presenting her musical contribution.  

Solidarity Evening with children in Iraq 

Organised by Halale Taheri.



Children First, Why and How?
A conference about security and well-fare of children
Stockholm 29th and 30th November 2003 

The organising Committee: Soraya Shahabi, Asad Nodinian, Kavoush Mehran, Karim Shah-Mohamadi, Halaleh Taheri, Soleyman Ghasemiani, Parvaneh Ahmadi, Narges Zangeneh, Farideh Arman, Shirzad Fateh.


Poster design: Behrooz Modaresi

Technical assistance: Mostafa Asadpoor, Gholam Akbari. 


Karim Shamohammadi 0708526716

Halale Taheri 073616211

Soleyman Ghasemyani 070- 4441578

Parvane Ahmadi 073760208

Narges Zangane 0707594044

Shirzad Fateh 0737728805 

Sponsored by The Centre in Defence of Children’s Rights in Iraq. 

Solidarity Evening with Children in Iraq 

People in Iraq and children in particular have suffered the devastating consequences of more than 2 decades of war and violence. Children in Iraq need our support. They like millions of children everywhere else deserve happiness and a healthy life.  

Your contributions can save children in Iraq. Help us to provide them with safe shelters. Take part in this evening of fund raising and support. You can get to know the activists of children’s rights from Iraq and share their first hand experience of the movement in defence of children’s rights in Iraq. 

The programme:

Part one:

Children’s stories and poems,

Play by Swedish youngsters for children

Live music (Swedish, Farsi and Kurdish)


Part two:


Refreshments. Sweets and lottery for children


Adults Kr100
Children under 15 yrs fre


Stockholm 29th and 30th November 2003

Place: Kista Träff-Centrum, Metro – Kista Centrum

Conference’ time: 10.00 – 17.00

Solidarity Evening’s time: 19.00 – 23.00

All the proceeds from the Solidarity evening will be sent to build a safe centre for children in Iraq.


For more information, please contact Halale  Taheri 0044 736162211